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Service Above Self

Since 1936

calls in 2017

calls on average per week in 2018

years of continuous service

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operation schedule

4 ambulances

1 mobile operations trailer

1 water rescue boat

2 Jetski’s

1 Zodiac Boat

Standing Apart

The South River Rescue Squad Story

How a borough squad has served its community for over 80 years

The South River Rescue Squad has been serving the borough of South River since 1936, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Formed to help South River’s sick and injured, the South River Rescue Squad (SRRS) was one of the first to operate in Middlesex County. Today, it stands among the oldest in the state.

When it was first formed, emergency calls for the squad averaged three to eight per week. In the beginning, the squad used an old “Paddy Wagon” police van, stocked with first aid materials. Its next vehicle was a white 1936 Lasalle. Meetings were held in a garage behind Borough Hall, and volunteers received basic first aid training.

Since the start of 2018, SRRS has taken an average of over 29 emergency calls per week. It has four ambulances, which ensures the squad can respond to multiple calls at the same time; a crash rescue truck, which enables them to assist with crashes on the N.J. Turnpike and in other towns within the county; a mobile operations trailer, which allows firefighters to take their mandatory breaks while putting out a fire in a controlled environment; and a water rescue boat, modeled after a Navy vehicle. Thanks to an abundance of employees and volunteers, members of the squad can receive extensive training for life-saving skills while providing 24/7 ambulance coverage in-town.



Whether it’s Christmas Day or Thanksgiving, members of the South River Rescue Squad are always there for the community. Their participation in life-saving trainings, delivery of comprehensive emergency services, and commitment to excellence continues to better South River and serve its residents.